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Man must give meaning to the words. Simply printing the words in the dictionary alone will not be of any use for the words to exist. What is the use of the word truth when many do not tell the truth? Because countries do not tell the truth, animosity develops between them leading to strained relationship and sometimes to war even.Mahatma Gandhi was a great proponent of truth.

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Gotta have words how else can people communicate. The dictionary tells us what a word means, then it is up to each individual to use it as they want.

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 8 months ago

Yah......Gandhi. Truth can be a cruel mistress.

-We often hear about Gandhi's successful organization of Indians in South Africa against the state's apartheid laws, however key issue is often skirted: what about the Africans? It turns out Gandhi's concern with racial discrimination was limited to Indians--in fact, he offered to organize a brigade of Indians to help the English colonial rulers crush an African rebellion. On a related note, we never see how Gandhi (Sergeant-Major Gandhi) earned a War Medal from the British Empire for valor under fire while assisting the violent suppression of South African Blacks.

-When Gandhi's wife was stricken with pneumonia, British doctors told her husband that a shot of penicillin would heal her; nevertheless, Gandhi refused to have alien medicine injected into her body, and she died. Soon after, Gandhi caught malaria and, relenting from the standard applied to his wife, allowed doctors to save HIS life with quinine. He also allowed British doctors to perform an appendectomy on him.

- On the question of nonviolence, Gandhi's view of nonviolence as a response to Hitler's Germany are [ahem] a tad skewed. In real life, Gandhi wrote to the Viceroy of India as Britain fell back before Nazi might: "This manslaughter must be stopped. You are losing; if you persist, it will only result in greater bloodshed. Hitler is not a bad man..." He also addressed a letter to the British people as a whole, counseling them to "Let them [the Nazis] take possession of your beautiful island with your many beautiful buildings. You will give all these, but neither your soul, nor your mind."
Sounds like a plan, right?

-The real Gandhi mistreated his family. He wrote about his illiterate wife: "I simply cannot bear to look at Ba's face. The expression is often like that on the face of a meek cow and gives one the feeling as a cow occasionally does, that in her own dump manner she is saying something." He refused to educate his sons, ordered them as young men to abstain from ****, and disowned the eldest, Harilal, for wanting to get married. His son eventuallty attacked Gandhi in print, converted to Islam, and died an alcoholic.

In conclusion.....the "truth" remaining is that there's a much darker side to this fairy-tale character that draws hordes of followers regardless....not unlike ignorant people who wear Che t-shirts or hang his poster on a wall. If they only cared to know. Alas! People need to get off their asses and know their history.
I think a Jack Nicholson line from a movie is apropo (and I'm not pointing any fingers at you specifically)......"you can't handle the truth".

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Freeranger 8 months ago

In response to “Yah......Gandhi. Truth can be a cruel...

Thanks for the heads up!
Ya think ya know somebody ... right?

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Budwick 8 months ago

I am also a big proponent of truth.

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Budwick 8 months ago

In response to “I am also a big proponent of truth.

Me too......until I lie. You get it.

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Freeranger 8 months ago

A Tamil poet THIRUVALLUVAR by name has said that one can lie if it leads to some good thing. That means that telling lies for one's own benefit which will hurt others is morally wrong.When people tell lies life is miserable for a few individuals concerned. But when nations lie to one another it leads to large scale sufferings.
We don't anticipate that all on earth will speak truth. But speaking truth should be inculcated from early age . Parents should be the starting point. Children should not see their parents lying. The schools become the next most important place for propagating honesty and truth among children.

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ezhil 8 months ago