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I haven't been jumped and beaten to a bloody stump..

Probably...say yes..

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DandyDon 1 month ago


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MonaLea 1 month ago

More so in the past.

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PhilboydStudge 1 month ago

Not really, although am somewhat guilty of 2 and 3 on this list:

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Piper2 1 month ago

Oh, I must have misread the question. I thought this was about being a **** teaser.

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ZonkeyBalls 1 month ago

I am on double secret probation
for hurting those with feelings who dare to leave their safe spaces

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 1 month ago

it all depends on the person I'm trying to please

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symplycurious 1 month ago

**** happy with being a good person

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RECRUIT 1 month ago

In response to “**** happy with being a...

There you are! How goes it?


Linnster 1 month ago

In response to “There you are! How goes it?

All is well my dear and hoping you are doing well also


RECRUIT 16 days ago

In response to “All is well my dear and hoping you are doing...

Doing great. Good to see you. :)


Linnster 16 days ago

I don't think so, but if I promise someone something I'm more likely to do it rather than doing it for myself because I dont like to break my promises.

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Sunny_the_skeptic 1 month ago

I don't go out of my way to please strangers, but I am likely to want to please family and friends.

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Linnster 1 month ago

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ozzyboy 1 month ago

Certainly not a stated goal. If it happens through osmosis......banner day.

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Freeranger 1 month ago

I'm gonna say no. Being a people pleaser implies that the reason I might do something would be to please someone. That's not how Budwick rolls.

Now, if we're talking about completing a contract or something - then you bet - I agreed to it and I will ensure that I've lived up to the bargain.

And, I suppose if Mrs. Budwick and I had discussed moving the gigantic garden bed just completed to the other side of he yard - I would of course comply and repress any thoughts of including some kind of memorial for Mrs. Budwick.

But, when a fellow Amiriter demands that I phuck myself - well, I'm sorry, there are boundaries.

So, more accurately, it depends.

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Budwick 1 month ago

By profession? Yes. Outside work? Could give a rats **** if you are pleased.

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DW2 1 month ago

No and I don’t kiss anyone’s a** either

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Rose_Bud 19 days ago