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Brain scans. Oh, I meant ****.

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ZonkeyBalls 5 months ago


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Tiffanee 5 months ago

Never use Facebook so I wouldn't have a clue. Sorry.

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Rooster 5 months ago

I think not. Heaven and Hell are meant for important things-facebook- just block the annoying ones.. Or get a dummy email and have them all sent there. Look when you get really curious. I have family from other states - she posts a new picture every day - here ugly dogs. I just skip them noew

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 5 months ago

I'm not on FB but I've heard a lot of people share bragging rights.

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StarzAbove 5 months ago


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OzSurfer 5 months ago

I've never used facebook...

Pictures of their... Hot dogs?....Clam chowder?

I know it's probably something to do with food..

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DandyDon 5 months ago