Petition calls for Matt Damon to be cut from all-female Ocean’s 8 for his #MeToo remarksReads the petition: ‘I’m calling on Oceans 8 producers George Clooney and Steven...
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for you liberals who have lost their minds, perhaps you have some common sense: i will reword what he said but using a different crime,scenario 1: lets say bob has an argument with Joe, bob gets angry and pops joe in the mouth, police arrive and arrest bob, scenario 2: bob has an argument with Joe, Bob gets angry and pulls a gun amd kills Joe, police arrive and arrests Bob now should Bob in Scenario 1 get the same sentence as Bob in Scenario 2? now if we follow far left liberal logic, both scenarios deserve the same punishment, anyone who disagrees with them are lunatics and must be ostracized from society. or should the punishment fit the crime? should bob in scenario 1 get life in jail like bob in scenario 2? this is all Mat Damon was saying. he never enabled sexual harassment, he never supported it, he is as much against it as anyone else. only he said the punishment needs to fit the crime, not turn it into a witch hunt where everyone who looked at someone wrong's life gets ruined. anyone with a sane mind liberal or conservative will agree with Matt damon, it is simply common sense. too bad left wing extremists. cannot see this.

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Matt Damon why is his opinion noteworthy? Actors are not important to the real world.

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 22 days ago

Left wing nut jobs.
What a bunch of whack a doodles!
What should we expect? I mean, they kill their babies for being inconvenient; Why not destroy their brethren for not towing the party line?

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Budwick 22 days ago

MOST people I've heard or discussed the issue with, agree with Matt Damon. MANY of those people would be considered Liberals. Of course an unwelcome pat on the butt or kiss, is a way different crime than actual assault like rape, or even pleasuring oneself in front of somebody.

Matt Damon supposedly also ignored and even enabled his "friend" Harvey Weinstein's alleged very inappropriate behavior , by trying to quash a New York Times report that detailed the numerous allegations against him.
I do not know if that is true, but I certainly won't be signing the petition.

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Piper2 22 days ago

Some people get so emotional involved in certain topics that it impedes their ability to reason.

Because of this post I listened to what I believe was the entire interview with Matt Damon and I agree with him - not all sexual misconduct is the same. Whipping out your **** in front of female co-workers is screwed up, but it's not rape. The actions of each of the accused individuals needs to be scrutinized and if the accused are found guilty, their punishments should be proportional to their actions.

The people who created this petition or called out Damon for the interview are way too emotional.

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PhilboydStudge 22 days ago

Whoever is upset over his remarks is an idiot.

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urwutuis 21 days ago

I'm not of fan of Matt Damon type of movies, nor do I agree with his political views.. however I do get/agree with him on what he was trying to articulate in that interview.
Unfortunately, there are people who are now using the #metoo for their own personal gain. I mean come on, just look at how that Trump supporter Joy Villa, is now claiming (even filing A POLICE REPORT a month later) that she was "sexually" ASSAULTED by Corey Lewandowski at a holiday party back in late November held for fellow Trump supporters, BECAUSE he slapped her on her behind....however, come to find out there's a video out there gone viral on the internet of her at that same party of her laughing and slapping a guy on his butt...yet she now (reflecting back on that night???) FEELS that her being slapped on the butt in the same manner she did to a GUY is somehow a SEXUAL ASSAULT on her, that needed to be reported to the freakin' police a month later!!!???....Women like her USING the #metoo for their own personal gain by pulling crap like this, ONLY discourages the women who were truly sexually assaulted/harassed from coming forward BECAUSE they fear no one will believe them BECAUSE of women like Joy Villa claiming to be SEXUALLY ASSAULTED at a holiday party for doing the same thing she did to a guy at that party!!!??
Sadly, ONCE AGAIN something that so needed to be addressed, has been trivialized because of some people taking advantage of an issue for their own personal gain...."you're a racist", "you sexually assaulted me", "you're a sexist", "you're a homophobe" etc. etc. whereas people unfortunately start to roll their eyes upon hearing about the next person who is being of accused of _________.
Just MY opinion.

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Gronk17 20 days ago

Matt Damon is an idiot who should keep his mouth shut. Literally every thing he has said has been detractive, ignorant or poorly timed. Matt Damon said that the men who didn't assault anyone don't get talked about enough... YES THEY DO, literally they're celebrities, they get all the attention in general and we're not going to give men who don't rape prizes! You don't get special praise for being a normal human being who doesn't rape people!! He also said that he and the people he knows don't do that... WHO CARES?? Imagine a school shooting and Matt Damon's response was "I don't shoot kids and no one I know does"... you don't become a hero for such a stupid non sequitur. Also no the crimes aren't all the same, but they're all HEINOUS, there isn't a "oh he sexually assaulted that person? well at least he didn't rape them! welcome aboard buddy!", that's absurd. His input is WORTHLESS and he doesn't understand the situations these women are put in and shouldn't be given a voice in a subject matter he holds no weight in.

Do I think he should be written out of Ocean's 8? Not particularly. He hasn't committed such crimes as far as we know (which he felt the need to express proudly), so he doesn't seem like a danger. This specific movie would be the one to ban him from if there were any since it's basically a women empowerment movie, but I don't think he needs to get the boot.

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Skr3wBall 19 days ago

In response to “Matt Damon is an idiot who should keep his...

I'm curious as to your opinion if you think/feel that Joy Villa was sexually "assaulted"(where she filed a police report a month later) because she was slapped on her a a month ago at a party for Trump supporters, where at the same party that night she is caught on tape doing the same exact thing of a slapping a guy?


Gronk17 19 days ago

In response to “I'm curious as to your opinion if you...

lol I just wanna laugh at the guy replying to me all mad til he actually read what I said and he deleted his comments. Super weak.

Anyway, I think what you said is a case of two sexual assaults that should both be punished. Joy Villa and her assaulter are both bad people.


Skr3wBall 18 days ago

In response to “lol I just wanna laugh at the guy replying to...

I accidentally deleted
The comment. Stupid phone. And yes crimes should be punished. But not all crime deserves the same punishment. Something you snowflake liberals can’t seem to understand


Anonymousmouse 18 days ago

In response to “I accidentally deleted The comment. Stupid...

I can't understand that? Interesting, then why is that exactly what I said?


Skr3wBall 18 days ago

In response to “I can't understand that? Interesting, then...

Your attacking Mat Damon for saying the punishment needs to fit the crime. Your name befits you perfectly


Anonymousmouse 18 days ago

In response to “Your attacking Mat Damon for saying the...

I'm attacking him for saying it as a response to the assaults. It's analogous to there being an epidemic of breast cancer and Matt Damon's response being "well there are different stages of cancer" which he would use to determine what people he should worry about. It's tasteless, pointless, and ignorant to bring that up right now. Rape/assault/misconduct should be condemned, I'm not gonna sit around and rank how bad they are, they're all bad.


Skr3wBall 17 days ago

In response to “I'm attacking him for saying it as a response...

yup let’s judge hitting someone with the same weight as murder. Lifetime jail for the lot of them.

Geez do you listen to yourself before you speak? Yes it’s all bad. But is not deserving of the same consequences/punishment.

PUNISHMENT NEEDS TO FIR THE FREAKING CRIME. that is ALL Matt Damon is saying. Are you capable of any kind of logic? Really is sounding like you aren’t


Anonymousmouse 17 days ago

In response to “yup let’s judge hitting someone with...

Are you just ignoring what I said? Because I literally said the problem was with the timing of the statement, not the sentiment behind the words. The time you say something and the place you say something is important. I very literally stated that there is a difference between the severity of the crimes, never ever disagreed with that, you literally are arguing with a fictional representation of someone via me. I think he shouldn't've said it as a response to what is going on right now. Is there a way I can be more clear on this?


Skr3wBall 15 days ago

In response to “Are you just ignoring what I said? Because I...

when is he supposed to say it? after the witch hunt is over? when exactly?

now is the exact time he needs to say it, especially when liberals want to destroy anyone who so much as looks at them the wrong way.

their is never a bad time to tell people to keep a level head, use common sense. and when people are going batshite crazy that is an EVEN BETTER time to speak common sense.

and punishment fitting the crime is 100% common sense.


Anonymousmouse 14 days ago

In response to “lol I just wanna laugh at the guy replying to...

You clearly do not personally KNOW any victims of REAL sexual ASSAULT, for you to casually state that both Joy Villa and her "assaulter" should BOTH be PUNISHED by law for sexual "ASSAULT" because they both playfully smacked someone on the a** at the same party....oh but Joy Villa was sexually ASSAULTED???!!!!!!! Give. Me. A. Break.

You feminists of today have sadly been BRAINWASHED by the elderly feminists of 60's(who took many mind altering drugs back then, thus having arrested development) to believe that in the USA in 2017 that we as women are being "OPPRESSED"(cha ching, more money in their bank accounts every time they convince a young woman in the USA to THINK they're being "oppressed" in the USA),smh.

Explain to me in detail as to how you as a woman are being "OPPRESSED" with Donald Trump being our current CIC.

What rights have you and the GLBTABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ lost under a Trump Administration???

Are you and your fellow feminist friends in the USA supporting the women in Iran, who are right now RISKING THEIR LIVES for their FREEDOM, by simply taking off their government mandated Hijabs(MASKS)...nah didn't think so, nope instead you liberal women in our country CARE MORE ABOUT fighting for YOUR rights to be able to kill your babies(conceived at an inconvenient time in YOUR lives) while in your 3RD trimester of your babies life(late term abortions) for ANY REASON(oh I decided I just wasn't READY after all to become a mom etc.)
Do you NUTS on the "tolerant of ALL" left in our country even KNOW what it's like for gay men and women living in IRAN?? No you all clearly DON'T... thus why you politically IGNORANT women on the left ignorantly/blindly support Linda Sarsour, who PROUDLY wears her hijab(in support of Sharia Law), while women actually LIVING in Iran are taking off their hijabs in their fight for THEIR FREEDOMS against their country's Muslim rule of law in their country!


Gronk17 18 days ago

In response to “You clearly do not personally KNOW any...

Are you supposing that the women's rights movements across history were intending to get to a point where men can slap their rears and go completely unpunished? Really?

Also I do know people who have been both sexually assaulted and physically assaulted otherwise, and it's quite frankly unimportant to the subject matter unless we were to talk about first hand experiences. If I came up to you and spanked you, you'd definitely consider it some kind of assault. 'Playfully' is entirely subjective; if the victim didn't feel it was playful, then that's the end of it.

Feminists don't make money when a woman says she's oppressed. That's ludicrous. Feminism is an ideology, set of morals and a branch of civil rights activism, not a multi-million dollar company or a government...

I, as a MAN, don't feel oppressed by Donald Trump being in charge, however women probably are aware that he has been accused of sexual assault more than once and has been caught on tape bragging about being able to get away with it. I'm sure that's not too farfetched to feel that many women think that's a dangerous person to give the most powerful position in the world. Also the LGBTQ+ community (the letters aren't that hard to memorize, it's a shame you still struggle with them) immediately felt the danger of Trump's presidency when the term "LGBT" was removed from the whitehouse.gov website on inauguration day... also pretty sure he tried to ban the word "transgender" from CDC documents? I think everyone knows which side he's on, and it's not the LGBTQ+'s.

Also yeah, just like you, I am well aware of the protests in Iran. I saw the video of the woman who removed it in an anti-government protest, along with many other Americans (amongst other videos of the protests). Of course I support her, but you're right I absolutely prioritize the people in my own nation because what right do I have as an American to interfere with another country? If I lived there, I'd protest there, but I don't so I'll deal with my own nation. That said: I know what it's like in other countries, but that doesn't diminish that not everything is equal here. Just because there's worse out there we don't ignore the rest of it. Am I supposed to not put a band-aid on a cut because someone else broke their legs? Are you nutty in the head? Also there is nothing ignorant about supporting a woman who wears a hijab and also the people fighting to take them off. If you haven't caught on yet, they're both fighting for the CHOICE! Some women WANT to wear them and they should be able to. Some women want to TAKE THEM OFF and they should ALSO be able to. Is there a way I can make this more clear for you?

lastly, your stance on abortion is narrow-minded, emotionally detached and simply impractical. (backoff)


Skr3wBall 17 days ago

In response to “Are you supposing that the women's rights...

IF you ever slapped my ** in a manner that I deemed was a sexual ASSAULT.. my gut instinct(BEING RAISED RIGHT by my Marine dad) would be for me to turn around in a nano-second to instinctively grab your pansy balls with so much force, strength and power OVER YOU, until you cried UNCLE like a little ** begging me to let go of your balls....WHICH I WOULDN'T.


Gronk17 17 days ago

In response to “IF you ever slapped my **** in a manner that...

Did you just threaten to hold my testicles? That's your massive retort? Your threat is BDSM? What kind of marine corps was that done at???

Also I doubt a pansy would slap anyone on the rear, that move takes a lot of moxie and very little morality.


Skr3wBall 15 days ago

It might be interesting to encourage an "ambulance chaser" type of lawyer to go talk to the guys who Joy Villa slapped on the **** and get them to file police reports for sexual assault against her. I wonder if that would make her withdraw the police reports that she filed?

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goblue1968 19 days ago