American History

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Why? Because of a group of hateful black protesters that think Caucasians of today deserve punishment for what their ancestors did?

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Sunny_the_skeptic 5 days ago

Read this book and you'll get the right answer to your question!

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Rooster 4 days ago

Third civil war? Did I miss number 2?

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Budwick 4 days ago

Specifically which mind-freeing thoughts should we adopt from Lincoln? That blacks should not be the political or social equals of whites? That only blacks who served in the war should be allowed to vote? That blacks shouldn't be allowed to hold office, serve on juries, or intermarry with whites? That blacks should be deported and colonized in either Africa or South America once freed? That while slavery was morally wrong, and needed to be abolished in the south, it was quite alright for Union states to maintain the institution between the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of the war? Do tell...I'll wait.


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Bozette 4 days ago

Why did he only free the slaves in the south?

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beachbum 2 days ago