Trump Owns Reporter Who Asks About Flynn 😂Look what happened when this guy asked him what he thought was the perfect question. Order my...

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I admire Trump's patience in all this malarkey. There's some serious shit that needs to be dealt with - and between the MSM, FBI, bogus investigations, democrats and Rhinos - we're moving at a snails pace.

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Budwick 6 days ago

In response to “I admire Trump's patience in all this...

I'd be body slamming that smug ** fake new **!

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ergoproxy 5 days ago

they weren't suppose to lose

obstruction of justice
all for the purpose of removing a duely elected President

call it for what it is.... coup d'état

what's stopping them from sending in people to physical remove him from the oval office?

answer : armed American People

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 6 days ago

The swamp is slowly draining. Just think, had Trump lost, it would have been business as usual, with all the cover-ups, protections, etc. The double standard, political collusion between the 'big-wigs' in government agencies and the Clinton Camp & DNC is all bubbling to the surface. Seems the Dems/Progressive Left/Socialists forgot the old saying: "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

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Seonag 5 days ago

The American people putting Trump in office threw them all in a tizzy. Clinton is/was in NH touting her book- no one knows or cares what the title is, and some guy who calls himself Vermin wanted to protest. At first they said no and then they allowed him to be there. I wish I could have seen that.

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ozzyboy 5 days ago

Unreal, Still talking about Clinton and running dated material to do it. Well, here's a news flash. Clinton didn't lie to the FBI. She wasn't questioned by the FBI thus the only fake news here comes from Trump. The stumble-**** you put in the WH.
The real question is why are they all risking lying to the FBI? . What are they hiding that's worth a known felony because it's not just Flynn lying, it's a whole string of people.
Oh and for the schmuck in the video. Trump kept Flynn on until public pressure became overwhelming. Now there's the tweet supposedly from Trump's lawyer who doesn't know the correct word is pleaded not pled. Just one more lie. Lie on top of lie on top of lie . . . . .The real fake news.
And now this same family values/Christian morality crowd wants to elect a pedophile in Alabama while they screw working Americans with an absolutely insane tax plan. It's a perfect fit for their budget proposal.
You just don't see integrity and adherence to principles like that anymore.
Yeah, he really owned that reporter. You could tell by the way he tucked his tail and ran.
Do people actually buy this tripe?

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urwutuis 3 days ago

In response to “Unreal, Still talking about Clinton and...

Right because CNN said so get lost you​ mindless media drone. I am sure you have uranium to sell to Russia or is it Iran this time?


ergoproxy 3 days ago

In response to “Right because CNN said so get lost you​...

I understand the truth is difficult for you to swallow but attacking me with infantile insults won't make it go down any easier or make it any less true.


urwutuis 2 days ago

Apparently the FBI SHOULD be collapsing.

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beachbum 2 days ago

In response to “Apparently the FBI SHOULD be collapsing.

not literally they will always be around so long as tax payers exists


ergoproxy 2 days ago

In response to “not literally they will always be around so...

Agree with that! Sadly there are a few that aren't doing their job like they should and are letting politics dictate they thinking/actions.


beachbum yesterday