Santa and Elf Rappel from Helicopter12/21/2010 - KADENA AIR BASE, Japan -- Santa Claus doesn't just slide down chimneys anymore...

had to take a 45minute ride to town today, what hell did I see? I seen the Santa walking down the street. people were waving, cars were honking. what made the moment very cool? the fatman didn't have his sack with him, easy to see though he had a sidearm on his right side. Was the handle of the boot knife that caught my eye. nice K-Bar. if you ever worked with a K-Bar, you'll spot them rather easy. I smiled, honked an waved, went about my day. not the first time I seen the fatman. ever hear a chopper coming in?

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I actually did - he ditched his red and white for oliva drab and camo; man, whatta guy.

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PartyOfOne 8 months ago