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My hands after I stuff it with bacon, eggs, and cheese.

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azlotto 8 days ago

Cream cheese and lox.

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Linnster 8 days ago

Hummus :) Hummus goes great on a sesame seed bagel.

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Thibault 8 days ago

cream cheese (yum)

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nina4377 8 days ago

Cream cheese jelly peanut butter Italian sausage egg

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Metal_god14 8 days ago

generally a little butter

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Freeranger 8 days ago

cream cheese and salmon

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DWF 8 days ago

In response to “cream cheese and salmon

Mmmm! Smoked salmon, Amirite?
OMG, I need to eat that in a quiet, darkened room,... alone!

Excellent choice!

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Budwick 8 days ago

Cream cheese or butter.

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SynysterGates 8 days ago


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DeadBattery 8 days ago


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PhilboydStudge 7 days ago

Salma Hayek.

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Gun 7 days ago

My upper row of teeth, lol. Kidding aside: cream cheese.

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PartyOfOne 5 days ago

Cream cheese with herbs, or butter with honey (or jam), and as much as possible on a wholemeal bagel.

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Marianne 5 days ago