AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version. Copyright Esponda Productions LLC #AnOpenSecretIn light of the long awaited revelations of sexual abuse in Hollywood finally being reported...

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An Open Secret explains how high-powered Hollywood men groom children (and their parents) into trusting them and even moving in with them. The slow process, fueled by constant manipulation and the lure of the Hollywood lifestyle, tears out children from their parents and places them at the mercy of rich perverts.

Producer Gabe Hoffman made An Open Secret available online on Vimeo for a limited time “to commemorate serial predator Harvey Weinstein finally being exposed”. Hoffman stated:

“Harvey Weinstein, by the way, is not the only one who has used confidentiality settlements. That’s why more of Hollywood’s behavior hasn’t been exposed. This is the tip of the iceberg”
– Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood **** Abuse Film ‘An Open Secret’ Released Online

The documentary got a limited theatrical release a few years ago but Hoffman is having major problems finding a distributor.

“We haven’t got any offers from major distributors yet because Hollywood doesn’t want to expose its dirty laundry, so we’ve been sitting on this for a while. Now, we want to celebrate the brave women who have exposed Harvey”
– Ibid.


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Bozette 9 months ago

I'll have a look at the video tonight and comment back on it.

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SynysterGates 9 months ago

I watched it, although I was unable to view it without some pauses. I'm thinking most of those kids felt both fear and loathing. It is sickening, and the blame widespread.

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Piper2 9 months ago

In response to “I watched it, although I was unable to view...

Yes, the blame is widespread in these particular industries when it comes to children.

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Bozette 9 months ago

I've seen similar documentaries about this in Hollyweird. It's very sickening and perverted.

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cali93 7 months ago