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How did things end up with the "Deep water oil leak", the Mexico earthquake, the California fires, the Houston hurricane, the Puerto Rican hurricane, etc..? They make these huge stories for a few days and then never seem to follow up with how things have progressed. It's like as soon as the bodies are counted there is no more news to print.

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From what I've seen lately? Some play those same stories all day! Haven't seen a thing about the earthquake we had last night! Getting burned out watching what they call news nowadays!

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Rooster 10 days ago

I agree. Most of us care about more than just the shocking daily headlines.

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JanHaskell 10 days ago

I totally agree , that is one of the things that bugs the Hell out of me as well my friend.

I go searching for a follow up report and come back with zilch (no)

good post Will (biggrin)

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Darkest_Serenity 10 days ago

Ive seen reports on on puerto rico. Still 40% without power 20% without water. Have been given a bit more than 10% of the funds florida has gotten, less than that compared to texas.
150 thousand residents have moved to the mainland.
As for texas and florida, the earthquake, ive heard nothing.
The fires in california, i heard that a road flare started it.

Shock news...
I think we are underestimated regarding our attention span.

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Carla 10 days ago

You know the old journalism saying.. If it bleeds, it leads.

Hurricanes.. debris flying.. people being rescued from their rooftops. That sells. People trying to get their lives back together months after the hurricane.. not so much. It might be our own fault.

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PhilboydStudge 10 days ago

I agree Will. It would be nice to hear an update on how some things turned out for so many victims of hurricanes, earthquakes etc. A nice ending to a tragedy would be nice to hear once in awhile.

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SynysterGates 10 days ago

Here in NYC, we do hear a bit more about the situation in Puerto Rico which is really still very bad. A day or two ago, they had another major power outage. One step forward, two steps back. It will be a very long time before they see any real progress. They still haven't recovered from Katrina and Sandy.

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Linnster 10 days ago

I haven't watched TV for over eight years, so I miss don't see a lot of the endless hype, but find it difficult finding follow up information even online. That is becoming even more difficult as more and more outlets disappear behind paywalls.

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Bozette 10 days ago

In response to “I haven't watched TV for over eight years, so...


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Carla 10 days ago

In response to “Paywalls??

When you have to pay for the information that they give you a teaser for. Usually used in medical papers and shit. Seems everyone uses them now and the most interesting revelation about this is.........

You can read the rest of this post by sending me $50 on paypal :)

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AliceD 10 days ago

In response to “When you have to pay for the information that...

Screw that.

Thank you, btw:)

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Carla 10 days ago

In response to “Paywalls??

In addition to what AliceD said, many news outlets that were formerly free to access online are now requiring a subscription. For example, the NYT allows you to view 10 articles per month, beyond that you must subscribe. Today I went to read a WaPo article and it faded out and was replaced by this:

That's the first time I've run into that on WaPo, but more and more are putting up paywalls.

As much research as I do, looking at articles from various sources and different biases, subscriptions are simply not feasible.

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Bozette 10 days ago

In response to “In addition to what AliceD said, many news...

Fewer people buying the paper.

You would think the advertising would cover the cost of operation.

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Carla 10 days ago

In response to “Huh. Fewer people buying the paper. You...

Profit rules for the bigger outlets, though some of the smaller and especially the partisan ones are subsidized.

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Bozette 10 days ago

I agree. When watching the news I will make a note of a story I'm interested in the research it later.

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Dar 10 days ago