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Yes, both my mom and my grandma. I loved this one:

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JanHaskell 10 months ago

Lol...No, they just beated the crap out of me until sleep was a better alternative.

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azlotto 10 months ago

In response to “Lol...No, they just beated the crap out of me...

That was my post-7yo experience... sorry to hear you had it too.

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OzSurfer 10 months ago

In response to “That was my post-7yo experience... sorry to...

Thank you and right back at you. Good or bad, some things we never forget.

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azlotto 10 months ago

When I was about 5 I remember being read bedtime stories every night. It was so exciting. My favourite was the three little pigs and my dad would read it, and it was so much fun, and dad was so nice back then, i really miss those days.

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OzSurfer 10 months ago

My grandma used to tell a lot of riddles

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Sunny_the_skeptic 10 months ago

No, does that make me an underprivileged child?

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ozzyboy 10 months ago

Oh yes, and my mother would act them out. She was a great Winnie,Tigger, Eeyore, and piglet.

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dru18 10 months ago


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Gun 10 months ago

Absolutely, yes, they did. They also read to me during the day. Reading has been a major part of my life for a long time.

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Thibault 10 months ago

Bedtime stories in our time were more about classic literature for children, and learning to read before school, but that was nice too.

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Marianne 9 months ago