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Used to run his hand under peoples desks and find bunches of them with passwords written on.

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I remember once I had to go to our IT department because my account was messed up at work. My friend that works in the department asked for my password and I replied "123" he was like "really funny Kat what is your real password". I was like no joke that is kept me from being the one to write it on a post it note (hehe)


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Lil_Princess 7 months ago

Since I've been phished once and have been through all the Identity Theft paperwork and complaints, my passwords are long and only known by me from the past. I keep all my passwords in a notebook that stays in my safe.Keylogging is almost impossible to detect but can be done. I change my major passwords every 90 days also. After all those calls and writing to the FTC and many others? I never heard a word back. I got LifeLock now and feel much safer as they constantly monitor these things.

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Rooster 7 months ago

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I don't use the same computers here at home to get online or do work on. I have so many accounts for various systems at work that have to be changed every 90 days, that like you, I just write them down and store them in my safe at work.

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JustJimColo 7 months ago

I have seen that happen several times.

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Tiffanee 7 months ago

lol - Ive seen that too. Under the desk, funny

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BGVonet 7 months ago

The last place I worked in IT tech support was a small local Government office with about 100 staff. Often I'd get to their computers to fix something and they wouldn't be there but I could often work out their passwords from what was written on post-it notes or other things around their desk. Most would use a formula, so once you worked it out, you knew how it would change each month.

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OzSurfer 7 months ago