U.S. Taxpayers May Foot the Bill for Awarding Deserter Bergdahl $300K in Back Payments - BreitbartThe U.S. Army may award Bowe Bergdahl up to $300,000 in American taxpayer-funded back payments...
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Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter responsible for injuries of Fellow Soldiers who went searching for him when it was believed he was missing and possibly captured. Little did these brave Soldiers know at the time he had walked away of his own accord. It is despicable he walked out of court with no prison time. And even more so that he may receive a sizable amount of "back pay". The families of those injured searching for this bag of dishonor should be given any monies Bergdahl receives. IMHO

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He deserves a firing squad if you ask me!

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Rooster 12 days ago

In response to “He deserves a firing squad if you ask me!

I agree Rooster.

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Dar 11 days ago

And while he's spending that, he'll never be able to look a Vet in the eye.

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Freeranger 12 days ago

In response to “And while he's spending that, he'll never be...

I suspect you're right Freeranger. Maybe the rest sentence he could receive is living with himself and what he did.

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Dar 11 days ago

firing squad... a drop of 10 with a 1/4 turn to the right

that's what he's earned

bergdahl, I was reading a post by the "sawman"
Marine/Navy Seal

his dissertation of "Gruesome Massacre"
there are many names to choose from
your name came to mind first

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 12 days ago

That money should be used to repay the taxpayers for all their expenses they footed for this disgusting deserter. I agree with you that the money could be used for the soldiers hurt while searching for this pos.

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ozzyboy 12 days ago

Because he didn't do his job.Why did he enlist?

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hootowl 9 days ago

What he deserves is another court martial and one by an impartial judge - then he'd go to prison where he should be.

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beachbum 8 days ago