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Carla 14 days ago

Cleaning the shower.

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OzSurfer 14 days ago

Digging new outhouse.

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ChiefJay 14 days ago

Appliance cleaning such as the stove and refrigerator.

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JerryHendrickson 14 days ago

Washing the windows.

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JustJimColo 13 days ago

Clean the crappers! LOL

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Rooster 13 days ago

In response to “Clean the crappers! LOL

Thinking back to when I was really young on the farm..... I can't remember anyone having to clean the outhouse. It was just kind of self maintaining.

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JustJimColo 13 days ago

In response to “

We still have one on the farm. (Although I have a real bathroom in the cabin now) I painted "Obama's Birthplace", over the door.
Waiting for hatemail.......

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JustJimColo 13 days ago

In response to “We still have one on the farm. (Although I...

Hatemail....i hate that, jim

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Carla 13 days ago

Cleaning the house.

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Linnster 13 days ago

Vacuuming and cleaning/dusting the house I hate that job

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Metal_god14 13 days ago


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StarzAbove 13 days ago

Making the bathroom sparkle!

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ozzyboy 13 days ago

I am way to picky to let anyone do things in my house (hehe)


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Lil_Princess 12 days ago

Putting up with those I live with.

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DW2 11 days ago

Making the mortgage payment thats biggest houshold chore I have.

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Brianl 10 days ago

Girl question?! All of them! Haha no, putting away laundry!

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Diamond11 10 days ago

Cook for lunch and dinner meals

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PartyOfOne 9 days ago