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Bon Scott easily.

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Tiffanee 10 months ago

In response to “Bon Scott easily.

Yup my choice too Bon was amazing

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Metal_god14 10 months ago

Easily Bon Scott. I've done this question here before, along with the Dio/Ozzy and Hagar/Roth ones.

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JerryHendrickson 10 months ago

Bon Scott was a great frontman, AC/DC was extremely lucky to have him, but unfortunately he died, so it was either end AC/DC or find a replacement. Considering the band's longevity and success, Brian Johnson was an excellent choice.

Picking who is better is kind of a moot point, if Bon Scott hadn't died, I doubt they'd have ever replaced him. Would AC/DC have been as successful as they were if Bon Scott had lived? Would they have been more successful? We'll never know.

Brian Johnson is not Bon Scott, their singing styles are in the same register, but Scott's voice was more natural, and more of his personality came through, so I prefer his sound. But Johnson has been a good and consistent frontman for the band, and I see no reason to believe there was anyone who would have been a better fit after Scott's untimely departure.


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Maze 10 months ago

If I had to choose, I'd say Bon Scott, but Brian Johnson is a fantastic frontman too.
AC/DC is universally liked, and they're still popular with younger people even though this is music from their parents' time. Very, very few bands have achieved this level of longevity, but I think they still would have achieved it with Bon Scott, if he hadn't have passed away.

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Thedudeyouhatetomeet 10 months ago

In response to “If I had to choose, I'd say Bon Scott, but...

Had Bon Scott lived, AC/DC would have been EVEN more successful after their Back in Black with Bon being their lead singer and lyricist. I as a die hard AC/DC since the mid 70's went to every AC/DC concert since 1980 when they came to my state to hear the Bon Scott era AC/DC songs being sung by Brian Johnson.

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Gronk17 10 months ago

Without a doubt Bon Scott because of his voice and lyrics, for me he is the VOICE of AC/DC even though I like Brian Johnson as well.
The lyrics to the songs on Back in Black were written by Bon prior to his death, thus why that album could be soon released with Johnson as their lead singer after Bon's passing.
If you REALLY listen to the lyrics to all the songs by AC/DC with Bon as their lyricist and REALLY listen to the Back in Black lyrics(where Brian Johnson got partial credit for writing those songs) they were clearly written by Bon, thus why his family got a settlement from AC/DC for that album.
Every album after Back in Black never had the same type of clever Bon Scott type of innuendo type of lyrics that only Bon could write.

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Gronk17 10 months ago

Bon...Definitely not Axl Rose.

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azlotto 10 months ago