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No.... I haven't spent hours on the toilet with my eyes shut.

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Sunny_the_skeptic 9 months ago

I usually manage to stay awake while having a shit...if that is what you mean.

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Tiffanee 9 months ago

In response to “I usually manage to stay awake while having a...

Yes falling off the toilet halfway through a shit isn't going to be good.
(hehe) 乂^◡^乂

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Ada 9 months ago

No i usually concentrate on the business at hand when on the toilet sometimes even read a book

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Metal_god14 9 months ago

Okay......I'll just say it. When I climbed on to the toilet, I shoved my second head down toward point zero?....and sometimes grabbed a crossword puzzle.
What should I be looking for here?

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Freeranger 9 months ago

I just consentrate on pooping and hoping that I have enough shit paper to complete the task

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RECRUIT 9 months ago