9 Awesome Facts About Automatic Writing | C11Automatic writing is a wonderful way to receive guidance from spirits, guides and angels. In...
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I don't believe in psychic mediums or talking to the dead. I think about my loved ones who have passed, but there's no way they can talk to us, protect us or guide us any way. My opinion only.

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StarzAbove 10 months ago

Perhaps there is a very, very small percentage of people who can actually communicate with the dead but, for the most part, I think anyone who tells you they can is nothing more than a scam artist out to separate you from your money.

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Linnster 10 months ago

I do....I've been to three, one was crap and the other two were very accurate...

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JD 10 months ago

I'm still waiting for Houdini's password, no password no proof that any of this crap is real.

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Sunny_the_skeptic 10 months ago

I know how to save all your 'reading fees'!

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Budwick 10 months ago