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I think that's fairly common. Don't lose hope. You're doing the right things.

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PhilboydStudge 10 months ago

Use this website to count your calories. It's impossible not to lose weight if you stay under the amount for your height unless you have hypothyroidism or some other illness affecting weight. Also, there are drugs for anxiety and depression that cause weight gain. Get a postal scale from the post office to weigh your food.

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JerryHendrickson 10 months ago

When I start training I tend to put on weight but that gradually seems to change after a short while and the weight comes off...

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JD 10 months ago

In response to “When I start training I tend to put on weight...

I am.not starting I have been doing this forever


mona1986 10 months ago

In response to “I am.not starting I have been doing this forever

Then you are doing it wrong....explain your workout and your eating patterns


JD 10 months ago

Change takes time, don't expect sudden results just make a healthy life into a habit and in the end you will surprise yourself. You wont achieve nothing if you anxiously await the results.

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Sunny_the_skeptic 10 months ago

If you're doing weight lifting as part of your work out routine, you will gain weight in a GOOD way because you're gaining muscle mass which weighs more than fat.
Back when I was into weight lifting for 20 plus years as part of my daily work outs at the gym, I actually weighed MORE back then than I do now but still being the same clothing size now as I was back then, because my body back then was all muscle thus why I weighed more THEN than I do now.

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Gronk17 10 months ago