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Some people's comfort zone seems to exist in expressing themselves...all the time.

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Sometimes but I have constant cravings for nothing but silence.

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Tiffanee 3 months ago

In response to “Sometimes but I have constant cravings for...

Oh me too silence is golden sometimes

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Metal_god14 3 months ago

Yes it is at that! Sometimes I really want to say something to someone but usually just keep my big mouth shut! Safer that way!

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Rooster 3 months ago

It is a waste of time talking sometimes.

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Tiffanee 3 months ago

It's easy to remain quite about things that mean little to you. It's spineless to remain quiet about things you feel strongly about, if someone is disrespectful about them.

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JustJimColo 3 months ago

Sometimes you just need a break from people

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Rose_Bud 13 days ago