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Just think about all the deaths - so far 23. Think about all the lost homes, wine vineyards etc. It's terrible.

Prayers for those unfortunate victims.

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SynysterGates 4 days ago

It;s been a bad year! We only have so many men and women to fight all these fires. High winds and low humidity makes it even harder. It;s a shame but I'm glad I live in the foothills! Santa Rosa was a beautiful town.

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Rooster 4 days ago

Let's send Santa Rosa some mega positive energy.

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Sukiesnow 4 days ago

If i lived in a place that's always catching on fire, the land around my home would be cleared to where a fire would choke out, before getting any where near my home....

And if that's not possible, i wouldn't live there..

Best of luck to them, hope they make a quick recovery..

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DandyDon 4 days ago

Yeah, out of control fires anywhere are surely very, very "mean".

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Piper2 4 days ago

It's a tragedy when humans die in fires. I really couldn't give a rats **** about the animals.

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PhilboydStudge 4 days ago

The wildlife bounces back-but there have been human deaths with perhaps more to come.Terrible.

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Blewynanifail 4 days ago

In response to “The wildlife bounces back-but there have been...

Have you heard any stories? About why the humans got caught....

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Sukiesnow 3 days ago

These fires are an act of God punishing the Hilary Clinton supporters!

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ergoproxy 3 days ago

In response to “These fires are an act of God punishing the...

Of course you know that's a really bad Hallowe'en joke, ergo.

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Sukiesnow 3 days ago