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your the ones who like the electoral college, after all its the only way you can get electeed

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TomboyJanet 9 days ago

In response to “your the ones who like the electoral college...

Oh yes how dare 49 states have an equal voice to California and refuse to pay for their life style choices!

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ergoproxy 9 days ago

In response to “your the ones who like the electoral college...

funny because before 2016 election liberals where drooling over that electoral election,


sh9683 8 days ago

In response to “funny because before 2016 election liberals...

Oh yeah in 2012 Obama praised them for making him president

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ergoproxy 8 days ago

I haven't heard anything that stupid in quite some time. There are no liberals in govt. The democrats are moderate republicans and the republicans are of the chart.
The last president that even resembled liberal was Carter but he cut oil consumption by 25% and didn't drop enough bombs to keep the other profiteers happy so they brought in Reagan who gave tax cuts to those who need it least, raised taxes 12 times on everyone else and tripled the debt to pay for it.
That was the start of our decline and we've been free range slaves ever since.

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urwutuis 5 days ago

One youtube video by The Kgoat Channel explains the differences of a democracy and republic and may make you rethink your point of view. The URL is:

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PartyOfOne 5 days ago