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Ha! I know an old guy that has never had a license. He has been driving for over 40 years.

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Tiffanee 8 months ago

My Sicilian grandfather was slurred and mocked while taking a citizenship test,he not only passed the test he went on to own two properties one was a farm,sent two sons off to WW2 raised a family during the Depression died at 62 with a fervent love of America.

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shinrin 8 months ago

In response to “My Sicilian grandfather was slurred and...

It's odd how no one ever talks about the Great Depression.


Sukiesnow 8 months ago

My grandfather lived for fifty plus years in this country (USA) where he immigrated without learning to speak English. If you wanted to have a conversation with him, you had to know how to speak Russian.

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goblue1968 8 months ago