And if you did it before...would you do it again?? If you had to.

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Oh Say Can You See Oh Canada...our Strong and Native Land...

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Sukiesnow 9 months ago

Yes ....

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SynysterGates 9 months ago

Fucken A I would...Bring it.

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azlotto 9 months ago

Why should I fight for someone's else's ****-ups?

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Tiffanee 9 months ago

I'd fight for my family. I'm thinking like Don Vito here... let the schmucks fight for their country.

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Bub 9 months ago

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, got the scars.

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JustJimColo 9 months ago

No-I have an aversion to being killed.

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Blewynanifail 9 months ago

Only if our borders where being invaded might I consider fighting. No over sea invasion bs

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Anonymousmouse 9 months ago

In response to “Only if our borders where being invaded might...

I'll relay that information to the Commander...

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Sukiesnow 9 months ago

If we were directly attacked? Absolutely.

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Chris_PHAET_Demon 9 months ago

I'm too fekkin' past that.

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PartyOfOne 9 months ago

For some of us, it was never a question....

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Freeranger 9 months ago