The inaugural Amirite get-together finally happened. Surprisingly, a ton of people attended and it's packed. Among the crowd are some of your old Soda Head friends along with your current Amirite amigo's and other invites. After a wonderfully engaging evening, the big party continues on until it finally begins to wind down around 1 a.m. The last song plays, and the band then begins to pack it up. Some members begin fading out toward their rooms while others in certain instances, don't want the evening to end and, deciding the evening is still young, agree to an invitation to meet up with others after hours at their hot tubs. The requirement states "something comfortable....or..." and so, they return to their rooms to change as the spirit leads before joining after hours friends back at the particular room for their respective post-parties. Who did you slide down next to and who else is there?

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Anyone on SH would know who she is ....

Her and only her ... always will be her.

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SynysterGates 11 months ago

In response to “Anyone on SH would know who she is .... Her...

ya got me on this one.....I don't remember her.

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Freeranger 11 months ago

Who ever is still awake. I outlast most people. :)

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DW2 11 months ago