Nuclear Warfare

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What can you ever do with the lunatic fringe? I'd always hoped that, ONE day, some North Korean would have the cajones to cap that corpulent little ****, but so far.....nada.
I think it says a lot about a segment of the Korean populace who, no matter how badly they have been used/tortured in their lives, are continually willing to be subservient to this little fekker.

With that said, I have no idea. Let him continue splashing missles in the Pacific I guess while jumping around like a demented idiot.

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Freeranger 12 days ago

In response to “What can you ever do with the lunatic...

I seriously doubt that anyone other than his immediate military guards can get anywhere near him. Didn't he recently accuse one of his uncles of plotting to assassinate him and he had the uncle shot the uncle with an anti-tank missile? Those around him know that, aside from losing their lives if they tried, they would lose their status and, so far, it would appear that they are the only ones not eating paper these days.


Linnster 12 days ago

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That's something I have always wondered about subjugated populations throughout history...they outnumber their keepers yet seldom do any try to revolt.


Bozette 12 days ago

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and there it it Boze. Why?


Freeranger 12 days ago

Let them alone. Trump is aggravating more than he is helping.

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Sukiesnow 12 days ago

If I could answer that I would be ruling the world.

Nuke the bastards? That would be an absolute disaster.

Keep on tweeting? That accomplishes nothing and may make an already dangerous situation worse.

If I was the president I would be doing everything in my power to engage China. They have influence in North Korea and the last thing they want are nuclear weapons on their doorstep.

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Chris_PHAET_Demon 8 days ago

In response to “If I could answer that I would be ruling the...

Agreed, Chris.


Bozette 8 days ago

Nothing. Stop giving them attention. Besides in the past 100 years who has dropped more bombs on other people including two nukes. You want to worry about someone USA is he one.

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sh9683 6 days ago

In response to “Nothing. Stop giving them attention. Besides...

I agree. The only times Trump received any agreement from the left, the MSM, or his detractors on social media was when he bombed Syria and regarding sanctions.


Bozette 6 days ago

I'm all for putting a bullet between Kim Jong Un's eyes. He is a third generation leader and the NK people don't know anything better or different. He has been saying outrageous crazy rhetoric since the day he took power. He wants to be seen as all powerful. Trump put the little shit in his place. And China has stepped up to the plate, but they could always do more. Kim Jong Un couldn't care less about sanctions that hurt his people, it's all about the power and world image to any cost.

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darjack 2 days ago