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I say "ciao" a's good 'cause it's not means See You Later...I say one word instead of three... So you, too can say Enchanté instead of Yah...nice to meetcha.

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Not really...Hey and Bye, still work just fine for me..

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DandyDon 10 months ago

I am far too basic for that.

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Carla 10 months ago

If I walked up to a woman and said "Enchanté", more than likely she would think I was a bit creepy, fake, using a line, or just plain weird. I talk to all people the same. It's who I am.

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JustJimColo 10 months ago


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Bub 10 months ago

I come from a blue collar city. Most are plain-speaking folk likely to distrust anyone who comes across as pretentious.

Using a word like "enchanté" would result in an untrusting glare and/or a long, pregnant pause.

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PhilboydStudge 10 months ago

What is wrong with hi or bye or its so nice to meet you

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Metal_god14 10 months ago

No... that just sounds phony as ****.

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PartyOfOne 10 months ago