Nós Estamos Aqui: O Pálido Ponto Azul (Legendado)Pale Blue Dot, filme da palebluefilms, sobre texto de Carl Sagan, narrado por ele...
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I find this video very interesting and beautiful, and wanted to share. (Actually, I initially shared it with a friend. She suggested that I share it in a post, and I liked the idea.) It's part of a video, narrated by Carl Sagan, where he reflects about a picture that shows our Earth as a pale blue dot in space. So, please watch it and maybe let me know what you think.

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I love it :D

I find this kind of stuff interesting.

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Sofia 10 months ago

In response to “I love it :D I find this kind of stuff...

(biggrin) Happy to see you here! Glad you liked it and thank you for joining. (Also, I liked your idea of sharing as a post)
Yeah, it's very interesting. :) It's from the Cosmos series, if I recall correctly.

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primeiro 10 months ago

Interesting and fascinating.

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Marianne 8 months ago

In response to “Interesting and fascinating.

Indeed! Thank you for joining. (biggrin)

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primeiro 8 months ago

In response to “Indeed! Thank you for joining. (biggrin)

You're very welcome, Primeiro. (smile)

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Marianne 8 months ago