Well, it's not a serious discussion about religion so just enjoy it or pass it by. This is actually a very good example of adjusting and compromise. Ha! PS: BUB made me do it! :)

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Bub is such a nasty influence.

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ZonkeyBalls 8 months ago

I love it, thanks for giving some laughs today.

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StarzAbove 8 months ago

Can't have a religion without some absurd rules..

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PhilboydStudge 8 months ago

(hehe) Thanks for sharing Will.

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SynysterGates 8 months ago

Thanks ... I needed that! (hehe)

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JanHaskell 8 months ago

Trans-Denomination! Priceless!

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Budwick 8 months ago

Then Ole went back to grill like he always does because neighbors cant tell him what to do.

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Sunny_the_skeptic 8 months ago

A Catholic girl emailed me that very same joke back in high school. She thought it was a "funny Catholic joke", she didn't get that the joke actually made fun of Catholic practices.

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Thedudeyouhatetomeet 8 months ago

Excellent ":>p

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Bub 8 months ago