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Fresh names...everyone is different...pooky...

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Sukiesnow 9 months ago

In response to “Fresh names...everyone is different...pooky...

You're down to the P's already?? Either you're very old or you're very active...

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Bub 9 months ago

In response to “You're down to the P's already?? Either...

You've been back and forthing with Marko for too long.

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Sukiesnow 9 months ago

Appetizer Annie, Barbara Brownie, ** Cecilia, Drillable Daisy, Everywhere Emilia, Francesca the Fist, Gigglefest Gretel, Homecoming Helena, Impervious Irene, Jousting Jill, Kinky Keiko, Lollipop Lizzie, Munching Mileva, Nena the Nibbler, Orgasmic Ophelia, -prickling Patricia, Querying Quintessa, Riding Rowena, Sticky-spot Sally, Tiffany Tittytwister (uh-oh), Urinating Ulrica, Veronica the Vile, Worry-** Wynona, X-files Xanthene, Yardstick Yolanda, Zoo-keeping Zephyrine...

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ZonkeyBalls 9 months ago

New one every day

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VicZinc 9 months ago

People usually just call me bae because it's the first half of my name...

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Wunderscore 9 months ago

Their real first name usually works pretty well. (wink)

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Oh_Davey 9 months ago

My lover talks to me like she is my grandmother. She calls me names like sweetie, cupcake, muffin etc etc. I don't mind it.

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Tiffanee 9 months ago