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I don't want to repeat it here.

Yes it was that bad.

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Tiffanee 2 months ago

Star Wars Holiday Special.

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ZonkeyBalls 2 months ago

Nothing that I can think of in real life. But I have seen some very gruesome images online that I wish I had never seen.

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Thibault 2 months ago

The Exorcist.

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Sukiesnow 2 months ago

In response to “The Exorcist.

I enjoyed that

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Blewynanifail 2 months ago

In response to “I enjoyed that

Apparently there were subconscious messages in that movie....and really...I remember very little of it...except the part where her head turns around...

I don't really know what if anything...I wish I had never watched.

What I really wish I had never watched are mostly the commercials on all day.

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Sukiesnow 2 months ago

It was a horror movie called A Serbian Film. Mostly it eludes to specific themes or actions without actually showing it but still so gross, I've been trying to unwatch it ever since.

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OzSurfer 2 months ago

Al Gore kissing Tipper like they were teens...

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Bub 2 months ago

Mission Impossible III

As idiot movies go, this one is as sub-mental as you might expect.
-Rex Reed

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PhilboydStudge 2 months ago

The News, any news...

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JackHenryKraven 2 months ago

Batman the movie, 1,2,3,4,5

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Will_Janitor 2 months ago

Batman the movie, 1,2,3,4,5

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Will_Janitor 2 months ago

A man getting his head sawed off with a chainsaw

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Jaxxi 2 months ago

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour

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Oh_Davey 2 months ago