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Hmm.. Not sure. I can only give a half-baked reply for the moment.
If mind == logic and heart == emotion -- I think both control me in different ways, depending on the situation.
Many of my decisions are based on both. Sometimes they can be in conflict, and sometimes they can refer to completely separate aspects of the decision.
And I think both are equally valuable -- Logic / critical thinking is important, but also is emotion (compassion, humanity, and so on).

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primeiro 9 months ago

My weird jellyfish ****.

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ZonkeyBalls 9 months ago

My mind.

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StarzAbove 9 months ago

I like to think my mind but I am often not sure.

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Tiffanee 9 months ago

My mind, but with a lot of influence from my heart.

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JanHaskell 9 months ago

As much as possible my mind, but the heart and the emotions can, sometimes, be louder.

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Marianne 9 months ago

My mind.

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SynysterGates 9 months ago

Both ideally, ignoring either leads to bad decisions.

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Maze 9 months ago

My mind when I need it but my heart when I allow it. Sometimes the mind has to rule the situation to keep the heart from being broken.

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ozzyboy 9 months ago