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Hitler... who else?

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Bub 13 days ago

In response to “Hitler... who else?

I watched an amazing movie recently about his final 10 days in his bunker based on information that was known from survivors, one being his personal secretary. The acting was outstanding and there was one single phrase and characteristic about hitler which involved having no empathy for those weaker which allowed him, a seemingly kindly fatherly figure and beloved leader in some people's eyes to be a complete monster. It was called The Downfall

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OzSurfer 11 days ago

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Yes, that was his secretary. The actress who portrayed her did a great job.

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OzSurfer 11 days ago

Methuselah, obviously.

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ZonkeyBalls 13 days ago

President Kennedy

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StarzAbove 13 days ago

My husband.

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JanHaskell 12 days ago

In response to “My husband.

So sorry Jan.

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StarzAbove 12 days ago

Also, Princess Diana

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StarzAbove 12 days ago

Paul Walker

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SynysterGates 12 days ago

My former partner... died 8th Sept 2017 after battling breast cancer for ten years.

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OzSurfer 12 days ago

In response to “My former partner... died 8th Sept 2017 after...

So sorry Oz, hugs.

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StarzAbove 12 days ago

A childhood friend hit by a car while riding his bike.

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Will_Janitor 12 days ago

My Brother...

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JackHenryKraven 11 days ago

A his twenties...died of cancer...

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Sukiesnow 5 days ago

My brother who died of lung cancer.He was my best friend.

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hootowl 4 days ago