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When everything goes wrong.

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StarzAbove 8 months ago

when I have a pain in my throat for two weeks, even though I have seeked 'professional' advice. and I have been non stop coughing espescially at night whilst I'm sleeping. I'm usually in a good mood tho.

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bird1986 8 months ago

When I can see my own reflection making obscene gestures at me.

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ZonkeyBalls 8 months ago

When it's a day in which I feel mostly bad

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DWF 8 months ago

my truck busted it driveshaft, not my fault
once I gained signal,I called the roadside assistance
them sumbitches laughed right over the phone when I said
yea,I under the muckywater shure as shit drive shaft busted
this ain't me

but I looked that

10 mile hike out
hello? can you hear now?
sumbitches hung up me

ain't about nothin
people in florid far & away worse off then me

the truck is home an will once again be causing dust storms on dirt roads this time tomarrow

replacing drive shafts is not hard to do

unless one is a feminist
they to busy bitchin moanin an complainin something/anything
then fixin their vehicles

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 8 months ago

When life gets you down......**** the eyeball....with Satans pitchfork. (6)

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Tiffanee 8 months ago

I can't recall the last "bad day" I've had.

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Bub 7 months ago