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Desire for possessions.

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VicZinc 19 days ago

People say money, but that's not true.

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SynysterGates 19 days ago

don't know, jealousy of some sort, I don't know.

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bird1986 19 days ago

Power. When one person exerts power over another for their own benefit, that is evil.

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Tiffanee 19 days ago


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StarzAbove 19 days ago

radishes.. never trust those sons of bitches

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Wunderscore 19 days ago

According to the Bible the love of money is the root of all evil.

Me personally? I'm not sure. Perhaps our feelings of vulnerability and insecurity cause us to act poorly. People often do evil things because they believe they're threatened.

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PhilboydStudge 18 days ago


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Linnster 18 days ago

The heart.

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Billyreyn 18 days ago

Man's overwhelming desire for pleasure.

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PartyOfOne 11 days ago


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Jaxxi 11 days ago