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I chipped a tooth today cause I fell off my bike cause im a **** idiot. Yeah...

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eli666 8 months ago

No, but I have chipped someone else's tooth.

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Visigothicreign 8 months ago

Yes...and that's bad...since they chisel it down...and then it looks shorter than your other teeth...and then eventually you have to get a veneer so you can make it balance with your other teeth...and it's all downhill after that...

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Sukiesnow 8 months ago

In response to “Yes...and that's bad...since they chisel it...

they didnt chisel mine. They filled mine in and made it back to normal size.

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eli666 8 months ago

In response to “they didnt chisel mine. They filled mine in...

Yes but sometimes the filling can fall out...especially if you use your front teeth....

How are you doin' babe?


Sukiesnow 7 months ago

A molar where I got a root canal has a few chips in it. It doesn't hurt (THANKFULLY) but I'm thinking it might not be long for this world. The rest of my teeth are just fine.

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Thedudeyouhatetomeet 8 months ago

a few of them acyually

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Sunny_the_skeptic 8 months ago

the edges of my front tooth, once when I bit onto a metal fork and another whilst biting onto an apple, they aren't to big but a little obvious if actually notice them.

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bird1986 8 months ago