Dark Energy

I'm Seduced by the Strange and Macabre things in this World but terrified because I know the kind of Horror's that exist on the Darker side of the Web from watching vids made by those who have ventured into this online UnderWorld. I have not entered this realm of Darkness myself as of yet but can't deny I'm so very intrigued.

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Yes, but it was with someone a lot smarter than me who knew what they were doing.. Don't go there unless you REALLY know what you are doing.

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JustJimColo 6 months ago

The “dark web” is a part of the world wide web that requires special software to access.


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Synyster 6 months ago

No, I get oddball stuff from a 'light web site' - I guess I can't say the name - but it's the same name as the big river in South America!

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Budwick 6 months ago

Yes, I downloaded the "Tor" browser a year or so back and there is another one also. Anything you can possibly think of is there or to buy. Pretty sick stuff. I knew what I was doing though and quickly got away and wiped my unit clean. Stay away from there!

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Rooster 6 months ago

I have read about it. Not interested in experiencing it though. Sometimes it's good to be ignorant. :)

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Will_Janitor 6 months ago

No. No desire. I can get all that i want or need in town.

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Carla 6 months ago

No.i was told
how to get on it-and I do really want to-but I am really concerned about what I would find there.I could really regret it I suspect.

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Blewynanifail 6 months ago

In response to “No.i was told how to get on it-and I do...

...or who could find you through it. Satisfying your curiosity might not be worth the risks.

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PartyOfOne 6 months ago

Yup...strange realm.

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Bozette 6 months ago

Never heard of it.

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StarzAbove 6 months ago

Never gave it much thought and don't have the slightest idea how to get on it..

Probably would end up looking at a Black Light poster of Charlotte's Web..

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DandyDon 6 months ago

No. I already think people suck.

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PhilboydStudge 6 months ago

I've seen enough crap on the normal web to destroy what shred of innocence I once had. I don't need to see what's lurking on the dark web. Besides, I don't want to accidentally stumble across something that will put me on a watch list.

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Thedudeyouhatetomeet 6 months ago

Most of the "dark web" requires special login info. Those websites are not searchable by Google either. I have seen a few websites and it is scary stuff. Rape, murder, incest, torture, pedophiles....it is all there and the creeps posting the garbage are quite proud of it.

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Tiffanee 6 months ago

Nope, Im afraid I will stumble on something I'm not supposed to see and traumatize myself from all the insane content. With my luck I'd also probably end up purchasing nuclear weapons or an extremely infectious and lethal virus or hire a hitman and get someone killed without even realizing it.

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Sunny_the_skeptic 6 months ago

No - I've no clue how to, nor do I want to learn.

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PartyOfOne 6 months ago

I haven't, nope. Ghosts and goblins, neither.

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Bub 6 months ago

Nope. Deep web, yes, but dark web, no.

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primeiro 6 months ago

Actually I have set up a couple of sites in the dark side. Obviously my previous work environment was an adventure in itself.

Much to learn you have, young padawan. Stay the hell out of it, Darky.

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ZonkeyBalls 6 months ago

Yes, I have. As much as the deep web gets knocked, there are a lot of cool things on it, too.

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Visigothicreign 6 months ago

Nope, scared of viruses and whatnot

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C_ZAR1 6 months ago

No, I don't know how to get on it Nor do want to.

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Brianl 6 months ago

No. Never.

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ZaraZooper 6 months ago

Nope, the dark web is more risky, and I don't my computer to get STDs.

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Zolfie 6 months ago

No, and I have no interest in doing so.

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Trish 6 months ago

does it come in opal?

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ergoproxy 6 months ago

No and I don't think I ever will...but I have watched some YouTube videos about it.

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azlotto 6 months ago

Only to browse. :)

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DW2 6 months ago

Really think about it. You can go to the Mall of America. Thousands of shops. Probably won't find much you really want... then there is the dark mall next door.. same size. Same if not more products. Are you going to window shop. ?

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DW2 6 months ago

Nope and I'm not interested.

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Sofia 6 months ago