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Ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, on rye bread.

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StarzAbove 2 months ago

Let's see, cheese, tomato, pickles, mayo, boiled egg, some meat could be chicken could be beef could be pork. That's actually the the sandwich I always order

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Sunny_the_skeptic 2 months ago

They have already created many. Mine are just copies of originals.

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Carla 2 months ago

A big thick Pastrami sandwich. With or without pickle!

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Rooster 2 months ago

For me, everything that can be included in a Reuben, or a peanut butter & jelly. I can go either way.

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Howler 2 months ago

Any version of a sub, heated or not. Italian oil, russian dressing or whatever I have on hand. The greatest sandwich depends on the day, my mood and what's on hand.

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ozzyboy 2 months ago

Lots of bacon and pepper jack cheese on sour dough bread


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Lil_Princess 2 months ago

Already made it. Not telling. :)

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DW2 2 months ago

Grilled cheese sandwich

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Skunky 2 months ago

In response to “Grilled cheese sandwich

SKUNKY!!!!! My buddy!

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Rooster 1 month ago