Without the average, you'd never be able to recognize the extraordinary. The idea that "everyone is special" actually negates itself.

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People have to appreciate their own "extraordinary". Could be something as fantastic as a really good green thumb. Or the ability to train a dog to be a blind persons guide.
We simply do not need 15 minutes...

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Carla 6 days ago

But mommy says I'm beautiful...

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Sunny_the_skeptic 6 days ago

Well said.

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Sukiesnow 6 days ago

To me everyone is special in their own way and by that they make a difference at least to me


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Lil_Princess 6 days ago

I don't think the number of people you are "special" to makes as much of a difference in peoples lives than who you are special to. Many people may think Harrison Ford is special, but is he as special as the working man or women is to their kids?

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JustJimColo 6 days ago

Someone has to wash dishes, serve food, bartend. We all can't be famous. To their family who loves them, they are special😊

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BarbOBarr 4 days ago

I think that very phenomena may explain the popularity of zero talent people like Kardashians, Boo-B00, Paris Hilton, etc. Why people are so fixated on doing stupid stuff to get views on UTube. They think that being noticed makes them special. Someone above me mentioned Mom and Dad - how much more special can one be than that? Or a reliable employee - talk to any fast food manager - he'd kill for a couple of those! Or the trashman that picks up the stuff that fell out while loading onto the truck. Or the person that doesn't throw crap out their car window. Or, the Amirite user that doesn't block people.

Come on - let's redefine special!

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Budwick yesterday

Always remember, you are very unique.
Just like everybody else.

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urwutuis yesterday