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Nope ... I went to C.U.

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Synyster 11 months ago

Nope. I never pee'd on the electric fence. Ha!

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Will_Janitor 11 months ago

In response to “Nope. I never pee'd on the electric fence...

Wow .... I think his family might be complete now. (hehe)

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JanHaskell 11 months ago

Yep .... and several refresher courses. (a)

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JanHaskell 11 months ago

Yes, and graduated top of the class.

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StarzAbove 11 months ago

I'm a perpetual student. (scn)

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Bozette 11 months ago

Still studying😊

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BarbOBarr 11 months ago

In response to “Still studying😊

I had to go back for a redo...;)

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Sukiesnow 11 months ago

Yes. And I have been taking post graduate course's ever since

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Brianl 11 months ago

Magna **** Laude

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Trish 11 months ago


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DW2 11 months ago

Absolutely! 3 months out of High school, my old man dragged me down to the recruiting office and then off to boot camp and that hellhole called "Vietnam". I stayed in S.E. Asia for 9 years. That's the school of hard knocks!

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Rooster 11 months ago