Or some famous last Darwin stories?

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"Watch this"

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trooper 7 days ago


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Markymark 7 days ago

"fft, that ain't hard! I'll show you..."

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trooper 7 days ago

"I buried the million dollars in—"

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BlindMist 7 days ago

It will only take a few minutes....

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Carla 7 days ago

US Civil War General John Sedgwick

Among his last words were, "they couldn't hit an elephant at this distance". Moments later he was shot under his left eye and fell down dead.

Evidently at least one of the Confederate sharp shooters that day was up to the task.

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PhilboydStudge 7 days ago

In response to “**US Civil War General John Sedgwick** Among...

Either that, or the good general failed to appreciate the power of a lucky shot.

That may have been why U.S. Grant wore a private's uniform in the field, with his rank stitched on the shoulders, so as not to attract unwelcome attention from sharpshooters.

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Thinkerbell 2 days ago

In response to “Either that, or the good general failed to...

I had never heard that about Grant before. Interesting.

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PhilboydStudge 2 days ago

This snake isn't poisonous....

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Sukiesnow 7 days ago

"I think I've located the hidden money stash."

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Thinkerbell 2 days ago

Watch this.

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DW2 2 days ago

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Bub yesterday

If anything happens "I love you".

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Diamond11 yesterday

" Kai su teknon? " " you too, my child? " said Caesar on 15 march 44 bc when they killed him and he realised that his son Brutus was also part of the conspiracy. He said his last words in Ancient-Greek.

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ThisLadyIsDangerous yesterday

In response to “" Kai su teknon? " " you too, my...

Yes...the otherwise known as "Et tu, Brut?"

How tragic.


Sukiesnow 9 hrs ago

In response to “Yes...the otherwise known as "Et tu...

I don't want to be a pest but it's Brute and not Brut. The vocative of Brutus is Brute.

Sorry for being such a smart-**** :/
It's just that Latin and Greek were so rammed into my head that I still know all that grammar. Our teacher was horribly disciplined and was very severe.

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ThisLadyIsDangerous 9 hrs ago

In response to “I don't want to be a pest but it's Brute and...

No...that's okay... I've seen it spelt in different ways.

I was inclined to go the "Brut" route since there is no "e" in Brutus...


Sukiesnow 9 hrs ago