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Ha ha... It certainly is.

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Sukiesnow 7 days ago

You from around here?

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Carla 7 days ago

I often see comments saying there is not equality in this or that. When it comes to women in politics, you have to first ask, "How many "qualified" women are running for office?" Next, "How many of those women reflect the priorities and views of the voters, more so than their opponents?" The answer to those two questions gives a pretty good base for how many women are elected to office.
If there are two people on a ballot, one a man and one a woman, which one will I vote for? The one who will best represent my interests. priorities and views.

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JustJimColo 6 days ago

agreed it is not, a woman can be presiend and in fact a woman has been president, reason why Hilary lost was because she is a perverted corrupt good for nothing person, her gender had NOTHING to do with why she lost

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sh9683 6 days ago

I sure hope not!! After all this time I expect we learned our lesson that Patriarchy doesn't work

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TomboyJanet 5 days ago