Are you a good judge of value, these days? I'm on about somethings...and way off on others... Why...it's just a tiny dent on a car...gimme me a hammer and I'LL straighten it out... Why the heck should it cost $2000 dollars? Wedding dresses, tho...I can understand the intricate work and people hours that goes into it....

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Who needs to spend a lot of money when you can just use a hammer (think)

I just get a hold of friends...its amazing what kind of work they can get done for a case of beer and a home cooked meal


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Lil_Princess 9 months ago

In response to “Who needs to spend a lot of money when you...


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Sukiesnow 9 months ago

Just keeping making dents and say it's just more aerodynamic (wink)(xp)

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Zolfie 9 months ago

Car dents cost so much because of car insurance. I took mine in to get a dent fixed about a year ago, the guy says, that'll be $800 and I said, I can't afford that and he said, oh sorry i thought you had insurance, so if you're paying I can do it for $150 (roll)

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OzSurfer 9 months ago

In response to “Car dents cost so much because of car...

Yeah I've talked to a number of different people about that, from cars to doctors... I ask for both the insurance price and the non-insurance price.

Which catches some people off guard, and some will answer it's the same price either way (usually when they're the low people on a much larger operation).

But I used to have a local small business chiropractor, and we worked out a great deal where we got to paid less than and he got more at the same time cutting out the middleman of insurance. It was great!

But that's what upset me with insurance, is that they're just middlemen, who have a vested interest in making more red tape and more struggles and paper work, just so you'll need them even more and they'll get a larger cut. Usually middlemen are just plain bad for that reason.

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Zolfie 9 months ago

In response to “Yeah I've talked to a number of different...

You're right, I think if you can afford to self-insure at any time in you're life, you'll be way out in front financially.

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OzSurfer 9 months ago