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There is a subtle pause between a statement and a question, where a sentence is not quite a statement...but not quite yet a question... A half question? An ambiguous pause. And, Everything is undergoing renovation these days...why not the English language? It's full of awkwardness.... And it will give ppl who haven't mastered the original, another chance, or they won't get that bad, so sad.

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I would screw the new up on purpose just to piss off grammar Nazi people...(biggrin)

If they are gonna be an **** online...least want them to have a good reason


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Lil_Princess 6 days ago

Do you mean like this "¿?¿?¿" (xp) jk

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Zolfie 6 days ago

Something like this,

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Maze 6 days ago

I usually just use a few dots then stare awkwardly........乂ᵒ ₒᴼ乂

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Ada 6 days ago

Nobody gets it...(sad)

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Sukiesnow 6 days ago

In response to “Nobody gets it...(sad)

I get it. You want a way to punctuate a phrase that's neither a hard statement nor a definite question, but ends in an ambiguous pause. That's why I suggested ending with a comma. Not a perfect solution, but it does kind of convey that vibe, at least to me.

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Maze 5 days ago

In response to “I get it. You want a way to punctuate a...

Ada stares awkwardly. 乂ᵒ ₒᴼ乂

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Ada 5 days ago

In response to “I get it. You want a way to punctuate a...

I was thinking of more of a soft question mark...perhaps an upside down question Zolfie suggested.

But there is certainly a place for the comma.

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Sukiesnow 5 days ago