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On the side trying to save it...unless there is cookies on the other side (hehe)


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Lil_Princess 8 months ago

99.9999% of all species that ever existed on this planet are now extinct.

We're the only species, ever, that has the mental capacity to defy those odds (instead of contributing to it) and willfully adapt in order to achieve this...

Thoughts to ponder...

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semple 8 months ago

Is the side trying to save it, running with pitch forks and torches?..

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DandyDon 8 months ago

Trying to save it; it's not beyond help just yet.

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PartyOfOne 8 months ago

Daniel said it was coming, and Jesus said it would be worse than anything ever before. I'm just waiting for the horn.

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SmartAZ 8 months ago

I'd like to think I'd be one of the people trying to save it, but I am pretty evil (6)

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Thibault 8 months ago

Of course on the side to save it,But the Liberals are trying to destroy it.

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hootowl 8 months ago

Save. 乂º◡º乂

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Ada 8 months ago