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In life...some drama must come your way...

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I do it..wether it is or not... ☝︎☝︎☝︎☝︎☝︎☝︎☝︎☝︎(clap)(clap)

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DandyDon 9 months ago

We all get a bit of drama at some time, but it's how you deal with it that matters...

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JD 9 months ago

Life is full of drama....hard to avoid.

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StarzAbove 9 months ago

More often than not.

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trooper 9 months ago


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Wunderscore 9 months ago

Best thing you can do is to try not to invent your own.

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Carla 9 months ago

In response to “Best thing you can do is to try not to invent...

You're right. I like peace. I've always said I can get in trouble just staying at home.

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BarbOBarr 9 months ago


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VicZinc 9 months ago

As usual, it depends on the situation.

Sometimes it's better to just face things head on and work them out. Avoiding drama can cause even more drama and draw things out. Making things worse.

When it comes to people who create drama, for attention or just because or whatever, it's best to avoid them.

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semple 9 months ago


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Masha 9 months ago

Yes, I think it helps stress and sanity.

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Trish 9 months ago

It depends on a great many things. I could go on at length, but I won't. The only people that would understand me already know what I would have to say themselves anyway. Everyone else would just think that my ravings were lunatic.

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AliceD 9 months ago

What do you mean by 'drama'? I've experienced situations in my life where the term 'drama' carries a variety of definitions and understandings. One example where people used the term 'drama' was to criticise a married couple going through the motions of dealing with an issue of adultery. Another instance where the term was applied concerns hypochondria. It seems to be somewhat a buzzword used these days. Be involved in conflict resolution, marriage counseling, moaning about the state of the world, ramifications of an event, etc, then you're considered as a 'drama queen'. So what exactly do we mean by drama?

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JackForbes 9 months ago

Drama is inevitable in everybody's life, but it might be a good idea to avoid it if you can. That includes not inventing imaginary scenarios to worry about which will most likely never happen. Also, don't get involved in other peoples' dramas if you don't have to. Mind your own beeswax!

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goblue1968 9 months ago

Yes, it never adds up to anything worth while.

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JessicaB 9 months ago

If there is a guide book on how to avoid it could you pass it along.

I used to do my best to avoid it but it seems to hover over me like a dark storm cloud (crs)


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Lil_Princess 9 months ago

In response to “If there is a guide book on how to avoid it...

I don't have a guide book to share, just some helpful suggestions:

When a drama is happening nearby, keep your distance from it. You don't have to get involved in other peoples' problems if you choose not to do so.

If somebody asks your opinion about the drama, politely decline to get involved. If you decide that you want to offer your opinion, then when the drama sweeps you into it, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

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goblue1968 9 months ago

In response to “I don't have a guide book to share, just some...

I think that is truly good advice

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Lil_Princess 9 months ago