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I'm me....

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JD 1 year ago

I just won the powerball. (That would bring everyone out of the wood-works)

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JustJimColo 1 year ago

It's been such a pleasure meeting you.

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Zolfie 1 year ago

If you are the big spoon and I'm the little spoon then sooner or later we will fork.

Thems the rules.

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Tiffanee 1 year ago

In response to “If you are the big spoon and I'm the little...

lol, nice. I am stealing this.

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voxlug 1 year ago

I've got a big bag of chips and plenty of a cleavage waiting to catch the crumbs.

- line starts to the left guys.

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Tiffanee 1 year ago

It's hard to be sad when you're being useful. Thinking too much of yourself, and not enough of others, leads to depression. How can I help?

Also, do you wanna fork? (jolly)

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semple 1 year ago

If someone can't like me for me just being me and it takes something creative to be really ain't worth it.


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Lil_Princess 1 year ago

Skin please. I have champagne.

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voxlug 1 year ago