Be careful. Do you like being alive?

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A **! A **! A hooter! I'm the official watcher of the night bird watchers, you old owls!

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ZonkeyBalls 11 months ago

You answer Yes, then you never get asked again :)

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OzSurfer 11 months ago

In response to “Loool xD


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OzSurfer 11 months ago

It looks settled....

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JD 11 months ago

I love your bottom.

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voxlug 11 months ago

If it looks big, say "Yes, it looks *put whatever compliment you agree with*". If it doesn't look big, just say "No, it looks *put whatever compliment you agree with*".

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Sofia 11 months ago

No, hon, it's just fine.

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StarzAbove 11 months ago


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trooper 11 months ago

Tell it like it is. If something makes my **** look fat I want to know about it.

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Tiffanee 11 months ago

In what?

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Will_Janitor 11 months ago

With her? I'll have to do a full exploration/examination before reaching a conclusion.

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JerryHendrickson 11 months ago

If it's a friend? I will be honest.

If it's more than a friend? Yes or no, depending on which answer they want to hear and will get me laid. Which wouldn't be a lie because I've come to appreciate all types of booties. : )

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semple 11 months ago

It better does

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Sunny_the_skeptic 11 months ago

looks like your'e mother's ****.Huge,but firm.

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hootowl 11 months ago