Any form of travel.watch the cruise video'

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These cruise ship passengers had a tough time.Keep watching.It gets better.

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Blewynanifail 11 months ago

In response to “These cruise ship passengers had a tough...

Wow i hope the band kept playing (eek)


OzSurfer 11 months ago

Never had a disaster, but remember being uncomfortable a few times.

Airplane turbulence that lead to a filled airsick bag is one unpleasant memory.

Riding to the top of the St. Louis Arch and experiencing horrific claustrophobia is another.

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VicZinc 11 months ago

I've travelled extensively and only once on landing did a plane hit the ground very hard and all the overhead lockers came open and all the hand luggage fell down on us...a bit scarey, but at least we knew we had landed....

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JD 11 months ago

Heading for Hawaii the day after Christmas one year. Our first flight to Chicago was cancelled due to snow. Got on a plane to Dayton, OH, to LAX, delayed there waiting for a flight. Got to Hawaii about 2 a.m. in the morning, got yelled at by the Condo manager for waking him up.

On the way home, spent 6 hours in Hawaii airport, flew into Chicago, delayed there for 5 hours because Indianapolis airport was fogged in.

At least we enjoyed Hawaii, but the flights were horrendous. (biggrin)

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StarzAbove 11 months ago

I tend to get motion sickness. On a return flight from Seattle to Austin -plane was full, it was hot, I was in the middle between 2 full-figured women, there was tremendous turbulence, and the guy in front of me had leaned his seat all the way back. For almost 3 hours I kept telling myself 'I can do this', literally telling myself that. I nearly kissed the ground when we landed. Have been a bit claustrophobic ever since.

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beachbum 11 months ago

We went to SXSW and for a few days I had thought that we would the Jacksepticeye the day before we left, but then once we walked to where he should've performed, we found it was the next day :(

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MonsterJace 11 months ago

Only unfortunate travel experice I have ever had was ended up in the wrong place...and by wrong place I mean a whole other state (omg)


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Lil_Princess 11 months ago

I used to work as a musician on a cruise ship in the South Pacific called The Fair Star in the 1990's and during a 4 week cruise to Japan, the ship broke down in the South China Sea and was adrift for 5 days with no power, cooking facilities, air conditioning or even fresh water. Everyone had to sleep on the deck because it was too hot and dark to go to their cabins. As a musician, we had to try to keep the passengers entertained but most people were covered in a thin film of diesel due to the damaged engine and the ship was on a 6 degree list to one side. It was extremely hot, there was no showers or even swimming pool and we could only drink warm coca cola. One night a few of us ventured with candles down to the movie theatre right at the bottom of the hull of the ship. It was so errie and quiet and dark, and there were shadows that reminded me of the Poseiden Adventure. When we finally got there, one of the crew used a battery system to run a movie but the whole time water was lapping at our feet due to a small leak. After 5 days a tug boat ferried 400 of us at a time to north vietnam and some nice soliders with automatic weapons and mini busses ferried us for a number of hours through the jungle on some back track to Saigon airport where a jumbo was waiting to take us home. I kept thinking that we were all going to visit Chuck Norris (eek)

This is us arriving at Saigon airport in 1991. Apparently no US flight had been there since the end of the Vietnam war and the first one was 2004. I'm not sure about Australia but by the armed escort we had and the difficulty it was getting a Qantas jet to land there, it wasn't a normal occurrence.

Driving through the middle of nowhere..... nope chuck norris is not here....

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OzSurfer 11 months ago

In response to “I used to work as a musician on a cruise ship...

Holy Crap! Now THAT is a worthy travel story / adventure.

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Budwick 11 months ago

Visiting the Straw Market in Nassau.

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DW2 10 months ago

On a flight from Baltimore, MD to Glasgow, Scotland with a stop in Reykjavik, Iceland, I was seated in the middle seat between a husband & wife who were both extremely overweight and overflowed the armrests. The passenger behind me kept kicking my seat and the one in front put his all the way back and slept the entire trip. Swore I'd never fly 'cattle class' again when taking a flight of more than 90 minutes!

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Seonag 10 months ago