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I read a book " Living On The Other Side " and it said heaven was a constant 70 degrees....sounds good to me..

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Platinum 3 days ago

Heaven for the weather,

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Markymark 3 days ago

Id like to go to montana soon

+3   3  Reply

Carla 3 days ago

Since you need to be dead to do either one..

I won't complain that much..

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DandyDon 3 days ago

Hell for the **** and drugs!

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Tiffanee 3 days ago

There are a bunch of other fantasy lands I would rather go to first.

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AliceD 3 days ago

No! Literally, Hell has all the worst people who have ever existed. I want the super nice people in heaven.

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Skr3wBall 3 days ago

Nope. Heaven or nothing

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Jaxxi 2 days ago

I am second guessing about the hell thing...I have been telling a lot of people I don't like to go there...not sure if I wanna share the same space with them again (crs)


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Lil_Princess 2 days ago

There's no way I would want to go to Hell,, couldn't stand the heat.

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StarzAbove yesterday