Or truck...

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My husband and sometimes my son. Usually just me.

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StarzAbove 1 year ago

No one, it's all mine.

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Synyster 1 year ago

When i am not here, my sister uses it if my mother needs to go somewhere, it is easier for her to get in and out of.

Right now, thats all

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Carla 1 year ago

My girlfriend sometimes but I don't like it. I hate being a passenger.

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Tiffanee 1 year ago

Mostly me, but I let my wife and two older drive if/when they need a car.

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PhilboydStudge 1 year ago

what car? :)

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meow_199 1 year ago

Only Jefferson & I had to be asleep for that to happen

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Lil_Princess 1 year ago

My partner, well she drives what is left of it as it is a big car and she is small as is the distance between the pillars of our driveway.
Most of the time I use my motorbike anyway.

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voxlug 11 months ago